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Points of Pride

Points of Pride

1. 2023-2024 Soccer Championship Runner-Up

We take joy in a hard fought battle for runner-up in the CCPS's inaugural soccer championship knowing that we gave our all and achieved success beyond measure. The entire team will carry memories of thrilling victories, hard-fought battles, and friendships forged on the field, forever cherishing the journey that led them to this unforgettable moment of glory. This exciting achievement has increased our school pride!

2. Strong for Life with CHOA

Students participated in a program to build strong bodies and strong minds, which resulted in a positive impact on their health and academics. Engaging in regular physical activity and mindfulness practices not only enhanced their physical well-being but also improved their focus and achievement in the classroom. This holistic approach fostered a conducive environment for learning, promoting overall academic success and fostering a lifelong commitment to health and wellness.

3.Attendance Competition

Students were excited about our school attendance competition and they eagerly participated in the initiative. Their enthusiasm for the competition fueled a noticeable increase in attendance rates, creating a vibrant and engaged atmosphere within the school community. With each day of improved attendance, students not only contributed to their own academic success but also fostered a sense of collective achievement and pride in their school.

4.  Food Pantry

Haynie's initiative to host a food pantry demonstrates commitment to supporting those in need within the community. By providing essential food items to families facing hardship, the school fosters compassion and solidarity among students, staff, and the community. This noble endeavor not only addresses immediate hunger needs but also cultivates a sense of empathy and social responsibility, instilling valuable life lessons in the young minds of our students.