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School Nutrition

All students will receive breakfast and lunch at no cost.

Adult meal prices are listed below.

Adult Meal Cost

  Daily Weekly
Breakfast $2.00 $10.00
Lunch $3.25 $16.25
Total $5.25 $26.25

Promoting Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Sharon Phelps

Ms. Elliott, Nutrition Manager, has been sharing the importance of eating fresh fruit and vegetables with our students.

Here are some helpful facts and tips:

Fruits and vegetables are thought to help us prevent many diseases.

They add color to your plate and a good flavor to your meal.

We need to eat "five a day": three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits each day.

If you get hungry between meals, choosing nutritious snacks give you the extra energy and nutrients you need.

The Haynie Nutrition Department offers a fresh fruit, a canned fruit, and healthy vegetables each day!